Friday, May 20, 2016


Here's what we've up to lately... besides all the birthdays!!!

 Softball season has started for Sophie...

 Which means lots of trips to the concession stand with this guy!

 Jake is graduating preschool tonight! This picture just kills me!

Baby Holly was welcomed into the world. I CAN'T WAIT TO HOLD HER NEXT WEEKEND!

Sophie got strep a couple weeks ago... Boo!

We got a visit from the ice cream truck last weekend. Jake was excited... hard to tell I know!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mike Turns FORTY!

Mike gave explicit instructions for how he wanted to celebrate his 40th birthday.... golf. I knew the kids wanted to do something fun with him though so we decided to surprise him with bowling and dinner the day before his birthday. It ended up not being a surprise because he got it out of me. I either told him what we had planned or he wasn't getting in the car. Jake also walked into the house at one point and asked when we were leaving for bowling - whoops! I got a few pictures from the day but as you can see he wasn't interested in looking at the camera.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jake Turns Five!

Jake turned FIVE last weekend and is headed to kindergarten in the fall. Two kids in elementary school... eek! Jake loves pancakes and orange juice, being outside with the neighbors, watching Henry Danger, helping mom clean the house, playing UNO and Sorry, and superheros. Jake loves to make us laugh and is constantly saying the funniest things.  He's super shy around new people or situations but once he's comfortable he will NOT STOP TALKING. And he's loud - so loud at everything. He's the perfect little man and we love him to pieces!

Jake was so excited about this balloon that he carried it everywhere with him. 

Jake's first friend party - he was beyond excited.

Opening presents from the family. 

How many grandpas does it take to put together a race track?

Funny guy!

M4H06104 from Cassie Potter on Vimeo.