Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sophie Turns Nine!

How can it be nine years since this sweet and sassy little girl was born... mom tears! Sophie loves gymnastics, softball, reading (Dork Dairies is her fav), watching The Thundermans, wrestling with her dad and brother and having mini sleepovers with mom! She loves telling people what to do and being in charge - lots of pretend school at our house. She can go from happy to crying to happy again in two second flat. She FINALLY is over 4ft tall and can go down the water slides at the pool. She's the best and we all adore her!

These gigantic balloons are my favorite - Jake has already requested one for his birthday.

Sophie's birthday wish was to go to the American Girl doll store! So we packed up the family - including Nanna and Grandpa - and headed to the Mall of America.

Sophie has anxiously been waiting to get her hands on the Girl of the Year doll!

The kids loved all the rides at Nickelodeon Universe! There wasn't a huge crowd so they would just jump right back in line and go over and over again. Mike even got all of us on a roller coaster.

We finished off the day with the log chute!

The next day we headed to the aquarium. Jake loved the aquarium... as long as there was glass between him and the fish. He was not happy with sting ray pool where you could touch them as they swam by. We also played putt-putt that day which is another favorite for Jake. Then Mike and the kids headed to the hotel pool while Nanna and I conquered Ikea.

The trip ended with Sophie zip lining. There were a few tears and words of encouragement needed before she stepped off the platform but she loved it! I found the whole thing terrifying!

Sophie had her BFF Emerson spend the night on the day of her actual birthday. We headed to the nail salon and got manicures/pedicures. The girls loved being able to get a sprite!

I would say birthday number nine was a success!