Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Soccer & Softball

Jake had his first soccer game this week. We signed him up with two of his buddies. He participated the whole time, almost got a goal and no tears! Huge difference from our first gymnastics class attempt in the fall. Sophie also had her first softball game this week. She was awesome of course!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Sleepover

We finished up celebrating Sophie's birthday with her friend birthday party. She didn't have a big friend birthday party this year... instead she wanted to have a sleepover with her BFF Emerson. We took the girls rollerskating, went out for dinner and celebrated with cupcakes. The girls made LOTS of videos - including a food taste test video?!?! They had so much fun together they woke up at 6am to cram as much in as they good. Boy that was early!

 Sophie has been obsessed with rollerskating since they had a unit on it in PE class.

 Jake was really was excited to go rollerskating - until he figured out that the shoes actually roll! He spent most of his time hanging on to me...

or hanging on to the wall!

Dinner at Red Robin!


We sang  happy birthday to everyone because all three had birthday's in March or April!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Folding Laundry

Jake loves helping around the house. He'll help unload the dishwasher, "help" dust, and help with laundry. I even have the pictures to prove it...

He doesn't even require clothing to help fold the laundry.

Yesterday was the first time this year that Jake went to preschool without crying!!! No crying or begging to pick him up when I said goodbye. He walked right over to play with the toys and that was it. So we made it a big deal and celebrated with cupcakes. Sophie even made up a celebration song to sing to him. Hopefully it continues... until we start a new preschool next year of course.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I didn't get too many Easter pictures this year. When we were dying eggs I had to keep my eye on the human destroyer... aka Jake Potter. And the Easter eggs are gone in seconds at the Easter egg hunt so no time to take a picture. I can tell you that everyone had fun and got lots of candy!
Here are the few pics I did get...

 Jake was a little nervous at the Easter egg hunt. New things and lots of people freak him out!!!

 Sophie helping Lorelei color some Easter pictures.


You definitely should head over to the link above. This is Mike and Melissa's blog. They just posted about the birthday present they gave Sophie. Pretty cool!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Last week...

Why can't the popcorn stay in the popcorn bowl???

 Daddy Snuggles!

Long hair problems... yikes!

Last week Sophie got to have lunch with Lorelei during school!

I think the kids in her class were just as excited to see Lorelei as Sophie was!!!

 These two are connected at the hip!!!

Sophie got more hugs from Lorelei than Aunt Cassie this weekend - it's an issue I'm going to need to work on. I can't let that keep happening. I'm open to suggestions... candy, toys, pets???

Jake did steal a few seconds from Sophie to play with Lorelei.

Group Selfie.

On Saturday we headed to Lantern Park to help Grandma Mary hunt for Easter eggs. It was a good practice run for this coming weekend. Jake was a tad on the slow side which will not go well for the next egg hunt. Those eggs are gone in seconds. We might have a few trail runs at home to prepare!!!