Monday, July 28, 2014

Last week...

 Our week in pictures...

(first time using a drill!!!!)

Monday, July 21, 2014


We headed to Wisconsin last Friday to visit the Pfhols and enjoy a couple of water parks! When we weren't sleeping we probably spent about every minute at the water park on Friday and Saturday. Sophie grew just enough to be able to go on more rides this year and Jake tried to keep up!

Saturday afternoon we went to Madison to visit Mike, Melissa and Lorelei.

We headed to a nearby park.

Toddler Monkey Bars!

I got to hang out with Lorelei.

Everyone actually wanted to hang out with Lorelei!

She's pretty cute!

Sunday we went to Eugster's Petting Farm

First up - llama selfie. 

This is Jake as far away from the llama as possible.
Jake was terrified of the llama and fell out of the wagon trying to get away from it.

Jake was also terrified of this bunny. Real animal lover isn't he!

The kids got to water the garden.

Then we got to feed the baby goats. 

This goat was showing his love for the Hawkeyes!

Sophie practiced milking a cow...

and I almost went home with this cutie!

 We ended the weekend with Jake jumping on my bed, falling off my bed and then hitting the edge of the nightstand. There were lots of tears, a call to Mercy On Call and someone (Mike Potter) yelling, "he could have lost his eye". Jake survived and is ready for his next adventure!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July

Started off Fourth of July with a parade!

We had lunch with Lorelei and...

second cousins Charlotte and Maura.

Yes... I held Lorelei a lot!

Photo Bomb during dinner

Sparklers before the fireworks!

It's not a holiday for Mike unless McDonalds is involved.

 We went to a trampoline park this weekend - lots of fun.
Here's a video of Sophie.

And Jake.

Monday we headed to a water park in Waterloo. Kids had a blast. Jake is mad in the picture because I made him get off the slide. He went down the same blue slide at least 50 times. Everyone was exhausted.

The blue slide!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


 Here's what the Potters have been up to lately...
 We've been getting daily requests to get the sprinkler out!

Jake loves it!

 Mike made a bike car wash for the kids.

Lunch date with Dad.

 Sophie had Art Camp last week...

 with Emerson & Jaiden of course.

Headed to the pool after Sophie's Art Show.

Stopped by the spillway on the way home.

The moment you wish you had listened to mom and dad!!!

We yelled to Sophie to go all the way to the side where it's not as steep but someone didn't listen. This is where she got stuck, looked back and yelled... ahhhhhh. Of course I quickly grabbed my camera but the picture looks worse then it really was!

Getting a little help from Dad on the way down.

Of course I can hold two babies... duh!

 Night out with the hubs!

Took this awhile ago but never posted.

Also found this one that I never posted... oh Jakers!