Friday, August 30, 2013

A Conversation with Sophie - 1st Grade

Sophie was super excited for the first day of school. Set her alarm the night before, backpack was ready to go and she was pushing me out the door 45minutes before school even started. We had a slight break down right before school actually started - I think all the nerves got to her - but her new teacher was using a smart board to take lunch count so she was distracted quickly. She came home saying what a great day it was and how they got to sing the gummy bear song. She's already met a new friend and asks to walk to her house almost every night!

Here's a Conversation with Sophie - First Grade Style
(click on it to make it bigger)

And this has nothing to do with the start of school but this is how Jake greeted us this morning. Apparently pj's aren't mandatory in the morning!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ahlers Reunion

Headed to Bettendorf, IA this weekend for the Ahlers Family Reunion.

There was tball.

 Bike riding.

Lots of smiles.

And family.

Friday, August 2, 2013


 Farmers Market!

 Two Guys Mowing

 My Little Buddy

 Firepit and sparklers

How helpful is this little man!!!

Flash Back Friday

2009 vs 2013


Took a day trip to Adventureland last weekend. Sophie walked out of the park saying what a great day she had. Took a couple of rides before Jake felt the same way!! Mike and I agreed it was one of the better Adventureland experiences... mainly because of the weather. The weather was on the cool side so you didn't walk around the park with sweat dripping off of you.

Adventureland always brings back lots of memories. Top of the list is standing in line for the log ride with my cousin Sam and Aunt Sue. Sad memory because we lost Sam to car accident a few years ago but also happy because  I remember how much fun we had together. And then of course was the time I spent the entire trip sick and sleeping in first aid. My dad and I spent a lot of time playing Bingo that day and I didn't win a darn thing.

First ride was the Lady Bug. 
Tried to get Jake on this one but he had a death grip on me.

Happy and waiting in line.

MOM - why aren't you holding me.

Now we're talking... finally got him on a ride.

After the dragon... Jake had no problem getting on the rides.

One of Jake's favorites... AIRPLANE

Soph and I did not love this ride... hard to tell I know!