Friday, July 26, 2013

Johnson County Fair

According to Sophie the Johnson County Fair is boring! She walked into the area with the pigs and yells... what's that smell. Subtle Soph!!! Mike and I always leave realizing that we will never ever be farmers. Maybe, just maybe, a couple pots with vegetables in them but that's it.

There were good times!

And there were bad times.

But frozen yogurt with mom is always a winner!

Monday, July 22, 2013


Lot's of a little trips for the Potter family...

2 weeks ago we headed to the Maquoketa Caves with some friends. We used our handy dandy mapquest on our iPhone to get there. MapQuest took us on this road... really? This seems like the best road to take.

We also made a quick stop at the blueberry patch on the way home from the caves!

Mike brought the kids downtown for lunch one day and then they played in the fountain! Never got a good picture of Sophie.

This last Saturday we took a day trip to Galena. Again using MapQuest and again ending up on a road that looks like this. Goodbye MapQuest.

First up was Sophie getting to ride a horse. The previous weekend she told me it was her dream to ride a horse. That dream died quickly when she actually got near the horse. She was scared out of her mind. Jake loved it... so I guess I should have made the appointment for him.

Next we headed to the Alpine Slide at Chestnut Mountain. Sophie's favorite event of the day.

Snapped this when we were shopping in downtown Galena. Shopping was short-lived. Everyone was tired and worn out. Grabbed some popcorn, ice cream and a couple toys and headed home.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Headed to Wisconsin last week to visit Mike and Melissa and hit the water park. Everyone was wiped out by end of the week and needed to thaw out. Apparently Melissa is the hottest prego person ever - their house was freezing. I almost bought socks because I couldn't feel my toes anymore.

First night we just went out to dinner.

Yeah for a picture with everyone smiling!

 Went to the zoo the next day... Sophie was our tour guide.

 Jake was super excited about the sea lions. They were making a lot of noise for us.

 Wook it Dad - Wook it!

 Someone was very concerned about finding the shade at the zoo.

 Well hello there! Time to feed the goats.

 We never got any of the kids to actually feed the goats. 
They are a bit aggressive when they see that food.

 They don't give up though!

Family Pic.

Sophie and I went to the pool while everyone took a nap.

 Ended the night with minature golf.

 Sophie loved it.

This video pretty much sums up Jake golfing experience.

A few sparklers and then out for the night.

Ended our trip at the water park. Jake finally loves the water. 

 Sophie of course loved it. Even found some slides she could go on by herself. 
She was not happy when I made her ride with me a couple times.

 Everything going well at this point...

 And then there's the drop off I forgot about. Mother of year.

How stinking cute is this picture!!! I better end the post with that one.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Art Camp

A few weeks ago Sophie had art camp. Best Thing Ever!!! She loved it.

Sophie's collection of art is right above her.

Monday, July 8, 2013


It's t-ball time again!!!

Everybody in the ready position!!!