Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Jake has an interesting wave these days. His hand is normally on top of his head and he's usually waving to something behind him... not the person actually leaving. I tried to capture it with my camera.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Gymnastics Fun Meet

Sophie participated in a Fun Meet where she takes gymnastics. She did an awesome job!!! Here are a few videos and pictures. I love watching her and spend half my time trying not to cry.





Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dance Party

Sophie had her friend birthday at a dance studio this year. Lots of music, dancing and Barbies. She had a great time. I mostly enjoyed watching Mike hold up the pinata!!!!

* Photo credit to C. Hatch!!!!

 The whole gang!

 Started off with musical chairs... only with hula hoops.

 Then had a hula hoop dance party.

 After a couple more games it was cake time. She was a little embaressed with all the singing.

 Time to make a wish!!

Such a sweet face.

This was the swing that made the candy start falling out...

 Check out the girl in the blue... feet up in there. HA!

 Time to open presents!!

 Love this picture.

Last game to end the party.

And one last picture... just because that smile is so cute.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bunny Bye Bye

While we were in Wisconsin our resort had the Easter bunny walking around during breakfast to greet the kids. Jake was fascinated by the bunny and spent a good part of Saturday talking about the bunny going bye bye. We got a couple video's of him talking about the bunny... the 2nd one was hilarious. You might have to turn the volume up a little.

And yes he's not wearing pants... it was the only way he would stop whining. He likes to be free.

 Jake HAD to drink his OJ out of this glass... just like his big sister Sophie.

 Stopped at the cheese store on the way out of town.
Jake just couldn't make it through the bag of Doritos!!!

 This was yesterday - Mike and the kids had lunch with me. The point of the picture is Jake's hand in his pocket. He is obsessed with having his hands in the coat or pant pockets. Love it - so cute.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Wisconsin Dells

We headed to Wisconsin Dells to celebrate Sophie's birthday this weekend. All we heard the first 12 hours from Sophie is... when are we going to the pool, is the pool open yet, are you ready to go the pool??? She was beyond excited!!!

 Jake finally warmed up to the water park the second day. Went down a few slides with him where I almost drowned him the first time because I didn't see the drop off at the bottom and then almost broke my tailbone another time. There is a reason for the 42" and under sign!!!

 Sophie loved every second. 

 She would rotate from section to section... over and over again.

Opened up presents after dinner... her first American Girl Bitty Twins. They slept with her last night and she's already asking for another one. They have a huge American Doll store in Chicago - I think that will be a vacation in our future.

Jake thoroughly enjoyed the balloons and giving them to Grandpa Dean.

Last 6 years have flown by!!!!

Isn't this a great cake... let's talk about this cake for a second!!! 

I ordered the cake in Madison, WI so Aunt Melissa could pick it up for me. Well Grandma Linda and Grandpa Phil stayed with Uncle Mike and Aunt Melissa at their house the first night. So the next morning Grandma Linda ended up picking up the cake and bringing it to the water park for us. Little did we know what a problem that would cause....

During dinner we discovered that Linda didn't actually pay for the cake. The lady handed her the box and Linda walked right out the door with that cake. Went right by the cash register. Since they didn't give her a bill to pay she assumed I paid for it in advance. Whoops - stolen cake!!!! Of course we called the store after dinner, explained what happened and paid for the cake. But it was quite entertaining to see the look on Linda's face when we realized what happened.

More to come... wait until Jake tells you about the bunny he saw.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lots of fun

Lots of pictures and lots of stuff going on. Last weekend Sophie had 2 birthday parties on Saturday and then her own party on Sunday. Throw in gymnastics class, a new bed and daylight savings time and you've got one tired little girl.

This weekend we're headed to Wisconsin Dells to celebrate Sophie's birthday with the family at an indoor water park. And then next week starts the best part of Mike's year... March Madness.

A few weeks ago I think - I really can't remember anymore - we took the kids bowling. Lots of fun.

 Jake LOVED it.

 And had to everything himself of course.

 Sophie picked out a pink bowling ball.

 Got a good picture of these cuties one morning.

 Even got Jake to sit still for this one.

I think I took maybe 10 shots to get this one.

 Sophie had her friend birthday party at local dance studio and had a blast. Lots of hula hoops,  twirly skirts and too many Barbie doll presents to count. She loved it!

 She also got her ears pierced - round 2. Hopefully this time there are no infections.

 Jake reading to Dad.

 Hey - would you wake up.

I'm showing you this cat. Pay attention.

 Super Jake

And why wouldn't you work on a puzzle in the middle of the hallway by the bathroom.

Friday, March 1, 2013


 Drinking and driving is never good!! This guy decided to drive his little car down the stairs. Didn't go so well. He was most worried about the handle on the back coming off though.

 Too cool for you!

 Eddie has a new buddy.

Started gymnastics at a new gym last week.

 Lunch with my buddy!

And then there was this person... she ate her lunch standing up the whole time!?!?!?