Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apple Orchard

Due to frost - there were no apples to pick this year. The kids still got to ride the tractor and eat apple doughnuts so still a great time.

The girls brought along the baskets even though there were no apples... the tractor ride just isn't the same without them.

Jake was confused by the whole thing???? Jake wasn't the biggest fan of the tractor. Especially when it made really loud noises when it hit the rocks in the creek.

Now we're happy...

Tank top, skirt and purple fuzzy boots. Fashion rock star!

Jake eating cottage cheese. Mike cleaned that one up and kept repeating - why did you think feeding himself was a good idea.

Jake also discovered the carbon monoxide detector can make a pretty interesting noise - busted.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Quick Introduction...

Meet the newest members of our family...

Sparkle and Diamond - Sophie's new fish. Diamond is the pink fish and Sparkle is the orange fish. And you know you can't have a fish tank without a Sponge Bob house. Sophie is beyond thrilled. Loves feeding them. Let's just hope they stay alive for at least a couple weeks.

 Mike started putting together Sophie's play structure this weekend. So manly isn't he...

Jake loves taking things out of the fridge - mainly the spray butter. He will take the butter out of the fridge, walk over to the counter, pretend to spray something and take it back the fridge. Probably does it at least 10 times in a row.

I got new barstools from Nanna - LOVE!

Love my little Hawkeye!

Jake figured out where is belly button is and isn't afraid to show you!

Mike discovered a new way to clean the table and Jake after dinner - Jake is not a fan!