Friday, August 31, 2012

A Conversation with Sophie - Kindergarten

Yes I know... there's a typo. I will fix it.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

And it continutes...

Well I guess Jake wasn't too happy with my attempt at homemade mac and cheese last night. More ended up on the floor than in his stomach. Thumbs down for the cook!

1. What? Why are you looking at me like that?
2. Here's what I think of your mac and cheese.
3. I'm still cute!
4. Seriously... what is the problem?

In other news... Sophie has been a rock star at the school drop off this week. I haven't even had to walk into the school with her. She just jumps out of the van and walks into school by herself. I tried to capture a picture of her but it's from in the car and blurry.

She also let me in on a little secret that she's going to marry her new friend Wyatt. Not happy about this development. Wyatt is in her kindergarten class and goes to the after school program with Sophie. Cute kid but let's not get ahead of ourselves!!

Sophie was also EXTREMELY excited that she now weighs 40lbs and gets to ride in a booster seat. Now if she could only figure out how to buckle herself in.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jakers - Part II

As I was saying yesterday...

I think taking the animal cookies out of the pantry and putting it in his seat is a pretty good hint he's hungry!!! At least he knows what he wants.

There's that grin you get when he's doing something he shouldn't.

Really difficult to get a picture of the two of them! And you can blame Mike for the diaper job on the pics below.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Jake has a healthy appetite. If you have food in your hand... you will be sharing it. If you leave food out... Jake will find it. Case in point - Sophie left out her peanut butter.

Jake also never stops moving. He's either trying to get outside, falling down while trying to run, getting into something he shouldn't with a grin on his face, climbing on something, dancing at your feet while screaming because he wants you to pick him up, etc. The only time he sits still is if he's eating or he's in something that's moving. If you stop - he wants out. Shopping with him is a nightmare. Unless of course you're feeding him in the stroller!!!! Here a quick video of his latest trick...

Mike was gone all weekend on a golf trip with his buddies... kids were very excited to see him when he got home.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

So many emotions...

The first few days of kindergarten have gone pretty well for Sophie. The excitement of the first couple days wore off after the weekend. The drop off on Monday wasn't so easy. Mom had a mini breakdown on the way to work. But she's starting to tell us more about the day and seems to like her teacher. Luckily she hasn't asked about riding the bus to school. I'm not quite ready for that yet.

She definitely has bonded with neighbor girl. Those two are pretty much together all the time. At one point Alina told me she was just going to come on in instead of knocking - I would just know it's her. Oh boy! I'm very grateful that she has someone to hang out with right next door. It was hard to leave our old neighbors.

1. Traditional back to school picture.
2. Sophie's pose and her friend McKenna stopping by to say hi.

Then of course there's Jake...

1. I'm so excited that I can crawl on this thing.
2. Wait... give me that camera.
3. You're such a mean mom - why can't I have that.
4. And I'm climbing and happy again.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Busy Weekend...

Sophie got her ears pierced last week. There were a few tears but still happy she did it.
Sophie had her first sleepover. According to Mike this is the worst judgement call I've ever made.
We made a 9:00pm run to Ghurties for some frozen yogurt.

Seriously Sophie... enough sprinkles!!!

All the girls had a good time - even Jake enjoyed the loudness.

Jake had corn on the cob without me cutting it off first.
Didn't quite get the concept at first!

Now we're getting it!!!

He had 3 ears of corn - wow does this kid like corn on the cob.

And we ended the weekend with a much needed bath!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


What does any responsible parent do when their one year old goes outside in a thunderstorm... grab the camera of course!!!

He didn't seem to mind standing in the rain at all...

It was pretty fun.

Funny actually!

And if you look really hard you can see the
rainbow Sophie is pointing at.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


After a longer than anticipated recovery from brain surgery, Grandma Linda is headed home Friday. She's made major improvements over the last week at St. Luke's rehab center and it's wonderful to see the old Linda again. I think Sophie and Jake will miss running the halls of the hospital, but everyone else is ready for her to be home!!

Here's a link to Aunt Melissa's blog about the road to recovery...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moving Stinks

Moving stinks... boxes everywhere. Somehow Mike decided my shoes belonged in basement storage so that made for a fun Monday morning. The only hiccup was the dryer not getting any electricity. Glad to be in the house and out of that awful rental. We already got fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the neighbors. And Sophie has learned how to kill a fly because they are everywhere.

Cinderella day at dance camp.

The glass slipper fits.

One of Sophie's favorite days - Jasmine.

Using her magic carpet.

Couldn't have wished for two better girls!

Only picture I got the day we moved.

Blurry but love how he's holding his blanket.

Wrestle time with dad.

Sophie attacks.


Lunch with Mom at the Noodle Co.