Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Busy week...

1 day left until operation move out. Thank goodness. 

Busy week at the Potter house. Sophie's been at dance camp this week with her BFF Emerson. She also had her last t-ball game and swimming lessons. This morning Sophie said to me - I wish the only thing I had to do every day was be at home and go to the pool. Don't we all Soph!!

Mike and I are trying to get everything organized for the big move this Thursday. Can't wait to be in our new house! Although that water bill is not going to be fun. This 100 degree weather is not helping our sod situation.

Started off last weekend with a slushy from the Farmers Market.

Went to the playground.

Jake was having a blast in the fountain.

Cute little peanut!

Aunt Melissa was in town which means time to race for Sophie.

Full of energy!

Holy cow - everyone is looking at the camera and not crying.

We went to visit Grandpa Don to celebrate his birthday.

Another family photo.

Sophie getting ready to try the back stroke.

Floating on her back by herself. Awesome.
Batter up.

My favorite picture.

Not a lot of people at the last game so Mike helped coach. Sophie gave him lots of hugs which he didn't appreciate during the game. Time to focus of course!!
Day 1 at Dance Camp - Alice in Wonderland

Day 2 at Dance Camp - Belle

Day 3 at Dance Camp - Tinker Bell

Practicing her spin.

Getting captured in the lantern.

Photo bomb!

House is pretty much done. Just little things left to do.

Carpet is in.

Mirrors are hung. Now it's time to add the Potters!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bust a Move

Nothing like a little Madonna to get you dancing... check out this video!

Ohhhh.... check out this new chair.

I love it!

Thanks Nanna!

Then Jake found Sophie's juice box.

Maybe if I hide behind here she won't see me.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Picture Dump

Lots going on = Lots of pictures!!! Let's start with the 4th of July!

Jake got to see his friend Theissen again.

Sophie & Em waiting for candy.

Gang together again.

These kids yelled for candy the whole time.

Who can get to it first!!!

Next morning we headed for Wisconsin Dells.

And we're asleep.

Stopped off at the Children's Museum in Madison, WI.

Giant Hamster Wheel

Jake was making friends.

Ohhhh... look at this great toy.

Family Picture.

Stopped at the Capitol.

Another Family Picture.

Dinner at Ella's. Very sticky!

Melissa's hallway. Some much room to run!

And we're headed to the Dells.

Dinner at Moose Jaw. Not worth the 45min wait.

Finally got her to put on the hat in the car.

One of the many pools we were in over the weekend.

Hanging out in the infinity pool with Nitro.

Really hard to get pictures at the water park... this is the only one I got.

Little rope course action.

Dinner ends very quickly with Jake around - so headed outside to burn some energy.

Miss Sophie

Dinner at Monk's. Yum!

Go carts with Dad!

Seriously Mom... I have to be on this thing.

Got home from the Dells and headed to the dentist. No cavities!

I guess Jake wanted to go back on vacation.

That won't happen for awhile. That kid was awake from 1am to 4am this first night.

House progress is moving along.

Sophie's awesome light fixture.


Entryway Lights

Master Bath

Kitchen Backsplash

Went to the pool yesterday... Jake finally started warming up to the idea of the pool.

OMG - he touched the water.

Then we learned you can drink the water.

Or get drenched in the face.

Ohhh - that's a lot of water.

But I'm going to keep doing it.

Ready to go home!