Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Safety Village and a Solstice 5K

Sophie has been at Safety Village camp the last couple weeks learning all about road signs, strangers, calling 911, etc. Last Friday the parents got to see everything they've been up to. And of course I took a video of some of the songs they learned.

On Sunday we participated in the Solstice 5K. Exhausting! One important lesson I learned is that it's better to take a picture of the group before actually participating in the race. That is one sweaty picture that won't be posted. Sophie did great - she even completed the first lap. Then we started melting down and it was time for the stroller.

Safety Village Certified

Safety Village

Of course she was with her BFF Emerson at camp.

Practicing her 911 skills.

Ready to help Grandpa Dean fight those fires.

Soph & Em participating in the kids sprint at the 5K.

Her first ribbon!

Built-in Lockers! Love!

Kitchen cabinets have crown molding now.

Screened-in porch is done.

Master Bath


Jake's closet doors.

Built-in desk area.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

T-Ball started lasted week. Most of the team was from Sophie's preschool class so she was pretty excited. I was excited to watch her until I saw her start running after a kid with ball instead of throwing it to first base. She had fun though so that's good. House progress is moving along. We have a tentative closing date of July 27th. Hopefully that actually happens because we have to be out of our rental on July 29th.

Jake watching the kids.

Jake trying to be spider man.

Yes... that's Jake trying to eat the fence.

Sophie was in the pitcher's spot the first time on the field. Yikes! This is where she kept running after the batter instead of the throwing the ball.

The boys stuck together.

Up to bat.

Mike isn't the coach - why is he on the field you ask???

Because Sophie went to outfield without her glove.
Focused isn't she.

Trying to keep the little ones occupied.

Over the weekend we stopped at City Park for some rides.

Jake loved the train - hard to tell from the picture I know.
Little playground fun.

And one last ride... Jakers looking thrilled again.

Father's Day lunch at Blackstone.

Nanna and Jake.

Jake loving his new house.

Strike a pose.

Outside of the house - Look at that flat driveway.

Cabinets went in today. Check out the built-in trash and recycling. So excited for that.

Mike was hungry.

Love the cabinets!

Sophie's room is purple. So sweet.

Monday, June 11, 2012

WHS Poms

Sophie participated in a poms clinic this last week. She loved it! Go poms go. Here's a quick video of the routine.


Sophie, Hannah and Emerson

Showing of their moves.

Almost all together?!?!?

The house progress is coming along... we're on to drywall.


Got the brick up last week.

Siding should be done today.

Arts Festival

Always look forward to the Art Festival in Iowa City. Great way to start off the summer.

Started off the weekend at Olive Garden.

Jake loving the bread sticks.

Went to the Farmers Market the next morning which always includes a trip to the park.

Jake loves this tradition.

Sophie's crown.

Next up was a lantern.

Dancing with her new tambourine.

Polar Bear.

And the next day we went back. Rainbow snow cone break.

Decorating the piggy bank.

Quick picture break...

Sweet girls!

Funny Girls!

Back to the crafts... bracelet time.

Me and Soph.