Monday, April 30, 2012

Time for a break...

What a week... the Potter family needs a break. We moved out of our house on Woolridge this weekend and moved into our rental. We're actually calling it our vacation house!!! Jakers had a horrible first night. Last night was much better and he slept thru the night so hopefully that was a one time deal. There are boxes everywhere and the cats suddenly forgot how steps work.

As excited as we are to build a new house... it was incredibly sad leaving our neighborhood. We had such great neighbors but in the end needed more room. And a ranch - so tired of those stairs. Now that we're officially moved hopefully daily life will be a little more normal. Starting with celebrating Jake's birthday!!! Can't live without my little man. Love him to pieces!

Friday was Blue Day at preschool. Check out the blue song here...

Sophie is so proud that she's mastered the monkey bars.
She keeps telling me how strong her arms are!!!
On Friday they started getting ready to dig!
And this morning they started! Finally!

Happy Birthday Jake! Can't wait to see you smash that cake!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Soccer Time

Sophie started soccer last night and loved it. Although after about 15min she called Mike over and asked if she could go to the park after the game. Clearly very focused on soccer!  Sophie and her friend Asta are on the same team which Soph was very excited about. Jake even got down on the grass - of course when his hands touched the grass he was not happy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What a weekend...

What a weekend! Thursday night Jake got sick - puke sick! Saturday night Sophie got sick at a restaurant. That was a first for me! I got sick after we got home from the restaurant. Grandma got sick Sunday and Grandpa Monday. And then of course Mike got sick Monday night. Enough already! And we're moving on Saturday - ahhhhh. Even with all the puking we did have some non-sick moments.

Tackled by Sophie again.

Jake decided to re-arrange the furniture.

Well that clearly wasn't the right spot.

What about this? Look good?

Nope - that wasn't right either.

Sophie went to Emerson's birthday and had a blast.

These two will be friends forever - even if it's forced.

Jake wanted to help Sophie build a tower.

Come on - just let me have it.


So proud of himself.

What is with the tongue?

Sophie took some pictures. Here's the lamp.

Watching General Hospital - Love!
Here's the guy putting in our radon mitigation system. He loved having Sophie take his picture! Not even kidding. I think I have 5 shots of the guy.

Quick shot of outside.

And let's end the post with a pic of the baby gate!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Just a few random photos from the last couple of days...

Last night Soph went to bed with her braided so it would be curly in the morning. She was very excited. Hard to tell in the picture but it's kinkerific. It will be so sad when these two aren't at the same school next year.

Sophie had her 5yr check-up this week. The nurse was nice enough to let her do the whole blood pressure thing. I think the staff needed a nap after her appt!

Sophie is a whole 34lbs and in the 5th percentile for weight. She's only in the 15th percentile height.

Jake after spaghetti - yikes!

Couple pictures from our trip to Madison. Jake was wiped out. That swing put him out!

Everyone swinging! Based on this picture I guess babies don't need socks in Wisconsin - MELISSA!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Off to Madison!

We headed to Madison, WI this weekend for a quick family visit and a wedding. Melissa and Mike watched Sophie and Jake for the evening - which included lots of drool and poop. Melissa was asleep by 9:00. Mike and I headed to Lake Geneva, WI for a wedding. One of Mike's old students and baseball players was getting married. I think I saw Mike for maybe 15min when he had to sit down and eat... otherwise he was monopolized by old students. BUT before we could start the weekend Jake needed to get his first haircut.

He was a happy little camper!

And then wanted to know what in the world was going on.

Thrilled - can't you tell.

He did like watching himself in the mirror!

The fabulous Andrea did a great job!!!

I didn't get any pictures during the trip. This was on the ride home. Everyone was super tired.

Jake slept the entire ride home. He woke up the last 15 minutes of the trip and was beyond done being in that car seat. He was a trooper though!

I did get one picture of all of us at breakfast. You just can't go wrong when bacon is involved.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

A couple weeks ago Mike and Sophie decided to camp out in her room. It was quite the tent. The cats even enjoyed it.

Sophie was very excited.

Of course 5 minutes after the lights were out she hopped in her bed and told Mike to leave!

This is after a b-day party that had facing painting! Sophie ended up getting a fever that night. She had strep and an ear infection. But luckily her favorite movie just arrived in the mail! We watched it 5 times in 24hrs.

Jake loves his grocery cart!

Sophie was really excited to dye eggs this year.

Jake got kisses from Grandma...

and then made a mess with Sophie's shoes!

Finished product!

Sophie and I decorating the eggs.

Sophie particpated in her first non-family Easter Egg Hunt!

And she's off!

She loved it.

And dominated of course.

There were different crafts and activities for the kids.

And a family picture to end the weekend. And lots and lots of packing. We sold our house last week and have to be out by May 2nd. Yikes! The rest of April is going to be very busy. This week is Kindergarten Roundup. I can't wait to see what Sophie thinks of her new school!