Friday, September 9, 2011

Jake - 4 months

This guy is already 4 months! He was in the 90th percentile for weight at his 4month checkup. He also had a double ear infection - boo! Hopefully after we take care of his ears he'll start sleeping a little better. Definitly didn't take after his sister on the whole sleep thing.

Started trying to reach for things and is getting better at it. He gets so mad in his exer-saucer when he can't get the toys to do what he wants. Loves standing - can even take a couple of slow steps. Need to get that on video. Super close to sitting on his own. We started giving him rice cereal which he isn't a huge fan of. He liked oatmeal with bananas more and really likes rice cereal with apples.

4 months!

My two handsome dudes!

I guess at least they're both smiling but at what???

This is his favorite toy on the exer-saucer.

Look at that tummy!

So sweet!

This one is growing up entirely too fast!

She mastered swinging by herself this summer.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preschool Update

Whoops - forgot the most important picture. Sophie's teacher Mrs. Winstead.

Mommy Tears

Well yesterday was Sophie's first day of preschool. She did great and I was able to wait until the parking lot to start crying. Mrs. Winstead told all the kids to raise their hands, turn around, and wave goodbye to their parents. Sophie gave me a big smile and I walked out.

It was heard to get a lot out of her about the day. Her favorite part was recess and we hard about the snack pretty easily. They talked about the color red and happy, angry and sad faces. She did meet new people but couldn't remember their names. At lunch when we were trying to get her to talk about the morning Mike said... Well I've learned this was a way bigger deal to us. So true!

Next week we start soccer and guess who her fabulous coach is going to be....


Love all those backpacks!

Sophie and Emerson

I made a BIG cookies for Sophie's first day.
Yes I realize I need to work on the whole icing thing.