Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Evolution of Jake

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Lots of trips to story time this summer. This trip Sophie learned about Australia.

So sleepy

Birthday fun.

Hannah (Birthday Girl), Sophie & Emerson

Kernals Baseball Game

Jake's girlfriend Maggie

Yes... she is that cute.

Downtown Fun

Summer is always spent with lots of trips to the farmer's market and cooling off in the fountain.

Sophie took this picture - cracks me up.


Time to pick blueberries

Jake came along for the fun.

She ate more then ended up in her bucket.

Can't pick blueberries without Emerson.

Arts Festival

It's not summer unless you're sweating at the arts festival.


Painting with Emerson


Sophie ran into her friend Maya

Look at that concentration

Matching popsicles

Jakers slept the whole time.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4th of July

All the kids waiting for the parade.

Hanging with our besties

Seriously... where is the candy.


Time to cool off.

Now for a little craft time.


Making circles.

So sweet.

Family pic.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Starting something new - InstaFriday.

All the photos I've taken using Mike's IPhone and the Instagram app.
We'll see how long Mike can deal with it!!!

Whoops - Jake got a little corn too.

Baby Burrito

Doesn't he look peaceful sleeping in - jerk.

Found this one - obviously from awhile ago. Too sweet not to post.

Checking out the backyard to see if her friends are out yet.

Laughing with Grandma

Grandpa Dean had knee surgery.
He wasn't thrilled with me taking his picture but he couldn't go anywhere... HA!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Fun

These are in random order... mainly because I have trouble remembering what day it is!

Sophie & Jake were able to spend part of 4th of July weekend hanging out with their 2nd cousin Charlotte ( I think 2nd cousin - they're related). You can tell from the pictures it was a lot of fun. If only you could hear Charlotte growling in these pictures - SO FUNNY!

Attack of Baby Charlotte - AHHHH

I took a lot of pictures and we finally get smiles at the same time!

So serious...

Charlotte loved Baby Jake!

I mean really loved him!

Sophie watching the neighborhood boys use the basketball hoop.

Me and Jake

Family of Four!

Sibling Love

Two Month Appt = Shots
Boo for Jake and taking a blurry pic

Starting to get those smiles

Jake trying to figure out what is going on

Sophie & Emerson at Terrific Tuesday or Storytime at the library

Noodle Co. for lunch

Cute pic Sophie and I made for Father's Day

Father's Day with my Dad

Not a good sign for what my children will be like
and that picture on the wall is crooked - whoops.

Crafts with Grandpa

So sweet - he's even using the kid scissors