Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jake is crawling... sort of... well maybe not.

So Jake can move. It's just an army crawl and backwards. He ends up in some interesting spots.

Christmas Eve

This year Christmas with the Potter side of the family was at our house. It was great catching up everyone and seeing how much Charlotte has changed. We had spaghetti pie for lunch, a version of the white elephant gift exchange and then the babies needed a nap.

Charlotte and Jake

Sophie got a book that turns into a car from Charlotte and family. Her favorite present.

Mike ended up with some sort of tool.

Grandma Linda helped me make these photo props for pictures this year. Sophie loved them.

Aunt Becky and Uncle Dave

Jennie and Shane

Me and someone who has to make a face during every picture.

Grandma Potter even joined in the fun.

Linda and Phil

Charlotte and Sophie - Jake was still sleeping.

Christmas Day

Oh what fun Christmas morning was with Sophie and Jake. Sophie was very much into Santa this year and all the traditions that come with it. So exciting to watch her go around the corner and see if Santa stopped.

Sophie picked out a little kitchen for Jake.

Sophie opening her Tangled Doll.

Very excited.

Sophie also got a Barbie Jet from Mom and Dad.

Jake with his music table.

The big gift from Santa was Sophie's doll house.

Picture of the kids by the tree.

Sophie using her new vanity from Santa to fix up Dad.

We headed over to the Potter's for lunch - everyone was probably starving because no one would eat the red and green pancakes I made. Sophie said she just likes pancakes from McDonald's. Aunt Melissa was helping Sophie build a house with her new Lincoln Logs.

After lunch we headed over to the Langstaff's for dinner. Jake was loving his new present from Nanna and Grandpa.

Sophie got a Squinkies Barbie House from Aunt Jodi.

We whipped out the Christmas photo props for a few family pictures. Jake was having trouble channeling Rudolph.

Sophie and Grandpa

Uncle Gene and Aunt Sue

Mitch and his friend Julie

Monday, December 19, 2011

Preschool Christmas Program

Well our little munchkin had her first Christmas program last Friday. So sweet to watch her with her preschool class and so sad to think how fast the last 4 years have gone. She did such an awesome job. So proud to be her mama.

Here are 3 of the songs from the program.

Jingle Bells

Baby Jesus - We Love You

Wish You a Merry Christmas

After that look it was difficult to hold back the tears.

Sophie and her BFF Emerson.

Sophie, Asta and Emerson.

Family Picture

Sophie with Grandma and Grandpa

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brown Day

It's Brown Day at preschool today AND Sophie's share day. The next 2 pictures aren't great but I was taking them thru the window in the door. When it's your share day you get to sit next to Mrs. Winstead, lead the line, be the first to pick a center and share something from home. Sophie asked me to come listen to her share. Holy shyness. So sweet to see her talking in front of the group.

And of course you have to check out the class singing the brown song. I started recording to early so it takes a minute for them to start singing. Love Sophie's facial expressions.

Sitting next to Mrs. Winstead.

Leading the class in a song.

These are the pictures of what the girls are thankful for.

Emerson's Picture

Emerson is thankful for her sister - so sweet!

Sophie's Picture

Sophie is thankful for motorcycles & butterflies. Say what? Where in the world did that come from. I asked her about it and she didn't really have an answer. Later she came back with they were toy motorcycles & butterflies... for her and Jake of course. Cracks me up!

The Three Musketeers!


Sophie was able to hang out with Makayla on Thanksgiving. They were both a little shy at first but were having all sorts of Barbie bonding moments by the end of the evening.

Started off the afternoon coloring turkeys.

Love how she's watching Sophie.

Jake was hanging out with dad.

Makayla was not loving the camera.

Random Pictures

Love those smiles!

Someone (Grandpa Dean) thought this was a good.

I guess the pop cans were bombs and Sophie was a spy.

Whoops - caught you!

Jake the Snake is a huge fan of Eddie the Cat

Pretty sure Eddie isn't enjoying the love!

Thanks Mike - photo crasher.