Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Look Back at Summer

I found these pictures while I was downloading the Xmas pictures. I realized I had never posted them so I thought I would now. So we could remember what it was like when it was warm and we could be outside without 5 layers on.

20 Weeks

Half Way There - 20 Weeks To Go.


Well I think it's safe to say Sophie understands what happens when Santa visits. She's already asking when Santa comes again and was very upset to put Buddy the Elf away.

Yearly picture in front of the tree.

Decorating cookies for Santa.

Family Photo!

Picture with Nanna and Grandpa.

After she opened her first gift she said, it's what I always wanted!! That was a common sentence during Xmas. Or we heard I've been waiting a long time for this.

Posing in front of her gifts!

This was Xmas morning. She got a vet center from Santa. Big hit!

This was at Grandma and Grandpa Potter's house. She got a Barbie house which was very popular. How many people does it take to put together a Barbie Glam House???


Finally Sophie gets to play in the snow. And of course Dad got to use his new overalls to round up the cattle - if we had cattle or lived on a farm for that matter.