Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Cookies

It's a little early for Halloween cookies but they were really good. And I didn't have to make them!!

Friday Night

Last Friday night we headed to downtown Iowa City to listen to the Music in the Park. We had a great dinner, got rid of a lot of energy, and finished the night off with ice cream.

Patiently waiting for her food.

Not quite sure that's the right meal for parmesan cheese???

Dancing to the music.


Last Thursday I had the day off so we met Michelle and Gina at Lunch Bunch at the Iowa Gymnast. The kids get to run around and play on all the equipment. It was a lot of fun!

Running down the trampoline.
Big jump into the pit.
I know this looks like jammies but it's really not.
Helping Michelle out of the pit.
Getting ready to jump with Michelle.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Apple Orchard

Another fun year at Wilson's Apple Orchard. And of course it wouldn't be the same without Brandi and Emerson along!!!

Wagon Ride

Emerson and Sophie posing.

Kodak Moment


Picking apples.

Sophie dug right in.


Random Pictures

Who doesn't smile when you're eating a sandwich from Arby's!!

Smile caught on camera - rare.

Painting a rainbow sun catcher.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

We had a great and busy Monday. We started off at John Deere Pavilion while we waited for the rain to stop. Sophie had a blast climbing all over the tractors.

Dad was drooling over this - he desperately wants a riding lawn mower.

Can you tell this was a forced picture!!!

The Pottorff family also joined us for the fun. This is Sophie's friend Michelle.

About as close as I'll get to driving a tractor.

This was a favorite of the kids. They loved pretending to milk the cow.

When the rain stopped we headed over to the Niabi Zoo. It wasn't too hot, no rain and not very busy. Perfect timing. Sophie, Michelle and Andrew posing on the dinosaur.

Feeding the goats. Sophie wasn't so sure about this at first but....

ended up liking it quite a bit.

Next stop is what I call the Birds of Death. You can purchase little cups of nectar to feed the birds. I had so many birds fly at my face and I screamed so many times. You can see from the picture that Scott enjoyed the experience. Mike of course spent the entire time outside laughing at everyone.

Riding the carousel - a favorite.

Posing with the butterfly.

Sophie & Michelle

Last stop at the zoo - the train. Sophie and Michelle are there but too short.

Family picture - with Sophie again not looking at the camera.