Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going home

Last pictures of the trip - we were up at 5:00am to catch our flight home. I think you can tell from the pictures how early it is. Mike said it looked like we aged 3 yrs in the 3 days we were there!!!

Wow - Mike looks a little tired.

Sophie is ready to go on the other hand.
So sad we're leaving.

Typhoon Lagoon - Day 3

Typhoon Lagoon was the best park/day! Sophie had so much fun at the waterpark. We could have gone there all three days. She loved loved the waves.

Sophie and Dad jumping over waves.

Having fun

Here comes the wave...


Waiting in line for a waterslide.

She loved going down this by herself.

Family picture

Grandpa - this was at dinner that night.

There's Nanna drinking again.

Mike & Cassie

Sophie again not smiling.

Magic Kingdom Day 1 - Continued

Here are a few more pictures from Magic Kingdom that I forgot about...

Family photo in front of the castle

Mike, Melissa & Sophie

Sophie with Mickey & Minnie

We had the best seats for the parade and then they postponed it because of rain - we just caught the tail end of it when it started up again. This was Sophie dancing to the music.

Animal Kingdom - Day 2

Animal Kingdom was the least favorite park we went too... probably because it was so hot that day and not a lot of air conditioned rides. It was hard for Sophie to see the animals on the safari ride. We ended up getting stuck at the giraffes because the truck in front of us broke down. It was so HOT sitting there. Sophie loved the Dino area though - of course I have no pictures of that.

Here are the first animals we encountered - oh wait. That's Mike and Melissa. Sorry!

Nanna and Grandpa

Mom and Sophie riding the Dino ride.

I was so excited to take Sophie to the petting zoo. You had to take a train just to get there and back - took a lot of extra time. Guess what the petting zoo was - goats. Seriously! I could do that in Iowa. I was hoping for a little more excitement than a goat. Of course Sophie didn't know the difference and had fun with Grandpa.

Mike being strange with the llama.

Mike trying to make the same face.

Family photo

More family photo

This was at the restaurant Bonefish Grill - yummy.

Sophie again not taking part in the picture

Nanna - drinking of course


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Disney World - Day 1

Well we all survived our first big vacation to Disney World. Sophie did great on the plane. On the way there she watched a movie for most of the trip and we played a few games. The way back was a little more exciting. We had to make an emergency stop in Atlanta because a woman on the plane didn't have enough oxygen and was having trouble breathing. So the firetruck and ambulance met us at the terminal and took her off the plane. Luckily it was only an extra 30 minutes and Sophie fell asleep after the 2nd take off.
The trip was hot, sweaty, exhausting but fun, fun, fun. It was great having Nanna, Grandpa and Mike and Melissa along. I will always think of Melissa when I hear the song - if you're happy and you know it!!! She sang that song a lot while passing time in line. Nanna and Grandpa watched Sophie so the adults could go on a couple of rides - I will never again go on Space Mountain. Mike said his wrists were sore from holding on so tight and I was convinced I was going to be decapitated during the whole ride.
The first day was at Magic Kingdom. We got there at about 10:00 and left about 8:45. Long day. It rained for a little while but it wasn't bad and actually made it less hot. We went on a lot of rides and ate a lot of chicken.

Rainforest Cafe - the night we arrived. Sophie of course would not look at the camera.

Mike and Melissa on the train at Magic Kingdom. Mike looks really happy because he had just found his park ticket. He accidently left his ticket at one of the Fast Pass stations but luckily a park employee grabbed it and hung on to it for him.

Nanna and Grandpa on the train.

Getting ready to ride the Aladdin ride.

Having fun. Sophie kept screaming higher, higher.

Waiting in line to meet Mickey and Minnie. Sophie loved her autograph book. One of the best purchases of the trip. Although most of the autographs are from her.

Giving Minnie a kiss. This was a rare moment. Most of the time she clung on for dear life.

Meeting Cinderella. Not happy.

Meeting Belle - this went much better. Mike was convinced she was an elementary school teacher because she was so good with Sophie.

Now we're getting the hang of it with Princes Aurora.

After 9 hours at Magic Kingdom we ended the day with a trip to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. It was a lot of fun. Here's Sophie getting into her royal chair.

Hair is up - with a lot of gel. And I mean a lot of gel.

Getting her make-up done. She couldn't quite figure out how to close her eyes without squinting. Pretty cute!

Now for the cheeks...

And of course some lip gloss.

Fairy dust or something like that getting sprinkled on her.

And it wouldn't be complete without her pink princess sash.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Nanna's 60th Birthday

Nanna turned 60 this year so we celebrated with friends, cake and Frogmore Stew!

Yummy pink champagne cake.

Pouring a case of beer in the cooker to cook the food.

Dumping the corn in.

Everyone acting very interested in the food.

Yum - time to eat.