Monday, May 24, 2010

Slip and Slide

Yeah for warm weather. It took Sophie all of 5 seconds to put on her bathing suit and head over to the neighbor's house to have some slip and slide fun!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Children's Museum

Fun evening at the Children's Museum...

Shopping for some groceries.

Scary grocery clerk.


Look at all that food.

Making a pizza for Mom that I never got. Every time I asked for my pizza Sophie said it was still cooking.

Fun at the park

Friday, May 7, 2010

Five Days of Sophie

Sophie and I decided to take a picture of her every morning after she picked out what she was wearing (with a little help from Mom!!)

So sweet... for now anyway.

Striking a pose.

Look at that hair - getting so long!!

She loves that flower clip!

Rainy Friday


Sophie has been loving her gymanstics classes... finally took the camera along.

Jumping on the trampoline

Working on our somersault

Now trying the backwards somersault

Balance beam

A little hot dog action... she hates this one.

Swinging on the rings

Hates doing this too...

Trying to jump on the yellow thing

And jumping off

Our favorite activity!

Beam again... but much higher.

Head stand

Taking a huge jump into the pit.


Finally getting around to putting some Easter pictures up...

Cracking the egg to make chocolate cake Easter eggs.

Eating the chocolate cake Easter eggs.

Painting eggs... really liked this.

Dad helping Sophie dip the eggs... still a little small to do this.

The finished product.

Hunting for eggs...

so happy the light didn't come down with the eggs.

Sophie and her Easter basket.