Monday, January 25, 2010


Sophie started gymnastics a few weeks ago and LOVES it. She loves going to class just as much as wearing the outfit!!! She gets to jump on the trampoline, work on summersaults, walk across the balance beam and of course practice her flamingo pose.

Sophie's Room

Sophie is now in a big girl bed... of course it's a Dora bed. The transition went great. It took a couple days for her to figure out she could actually get out of bed. One day we put her down for her nap and then heard her run across the floor. It was pretty entertaining.

This is the new tree I painted in Sophie's room.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I Love Sprinkles

New Year's Eve

We celebrated the New Year with the Roesler family and rootbeer floats. After a few pictures we forgot about the rootbeer and went for the ice cream.

Xmas Afternoon

We headed over to Mike's side of the family mid-morning...

This was the best picture I could get of the three of us.

Buster was just waiting for Sophie to drop her snack.

Testing out one of presents from Aunt Melissa & Uncle Mike.

Xmas Morning

Xmas morning was a lot of fun this year. We headed downstairs and pointed out that the cookies and carrotts were gone which was very exciting. Sophie ran to the door and looked outside to see the leftover carrotts from the reindeer and didn't even notice the tree.

She kept talking and talking about the cookies being gone and look at the carrotts outside... then she turned and saw the tree, stopped in her tracks, and let out a big gasp. Priceless moment!!! It took maybe about 5 minutes to get open everything and then she wanted everything working. The big gift from Santa was her new kitchen.

Xmas Eve

We spent Xmas Eve with the Langstaff side of the family and soon realized that Sophie fully understood opening presents this year.